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    521600 - Soccer Shots

    This high-energy program introduces children to fundamental soccer principles, such as using your feet, dribbling, and the basic rules of the game. Through fun games, songs, and positive einforcement, children will begin to experience the joy of playing soccer and being active. We encourage parent involvement in our MINI sessions.

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    Add to Cart521600-04Soc Shots 2yr Spring04/13/19 - 06/15/19$130/$135Item DetailsAvailable
    Read Notice521600-05Soc Shots 3yr Winter01/12/19 - 03/16/19$135/$140Item DetailsFull
    Read Notice521600-07Soc Shots 4-5yr Win01/12/19 - 03/16/19$135/$140Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice521600-08Soc Shots 2yr Winter01/12/19 - 03/16/19$135/$140Item DetailsFull
    Add to Cart521600-09Soc Shots 3yr Spring04/13/19 - 06/15/19$130/$135Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart521600-10Soc Shots 6-8yr Spr04/13/19 - 06/15/19$130/$135Item DetailsAvailable
    Read Notice521600-12Soc Shots 4-5yr Spr03/31/18 - 06/09/18$135/$140Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice521600-14Soc Shots 2yr Monday01/14/19 - 03/18/19$135/$140Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice521600-18Soc Shots 2-3yr Win01/12/19 - 03/16/19$135/$140Item DetailsFull
    Add to Cart521600-19Soc Shots 2 Mon Spr04/01/19 - 06/03/19$130/$135Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart521600-20Soc Shots 3-5 M Spr04/01/19 - 06/03/19$130/$135Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart521600-21Soc Shots 2-3 Spring04/13/19 - 06/15/19$130/$135Item DetailsAvailable
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